The easiest way to find a good idea is to have lots of ideas.

Acquisition of Funds and Project Management

Preparation of Applications for Various Funding Sources

Our job is to find a suitable source of funding for your idea, project or product. Often our clients are not familiar with the great opportunities to attract funds (in many cases in the form of a grant) from various sources.

Our approach is comprehensive and includes:

  • Design of the project idea;

  • Project preparation;

  • Finding a suitable financial source;

  • Preparation of a project for the selected financial source;

  • Preparation of an application for open tender;

  • Contracting negotiations and project amendments.

Technical Assistance with the Implementation of Projects

We offer our clients expert technical assistance in the implementation of projects. The form of assistance is defined by the client’s expert and professional needs, and by the requirements for the particular source of funding.

Expert technical assistance is an eligible cost of each source of funding, and therefore represents a partially recoverable cost of the project. Technical assistance includes:

  • Full administrative assistance in project management;

  • Assistance in the coordination of partners;

  • Assistance in the financial management of the project;

  • Preparation of an audit trail and archive folders.

Project Management

We provide experienced and well-trained experts for the management of EU projects. The main responsibility of the EU Project Manager is the sound implementation of the project and the coordination of project coordinators, partners and associates in accordance with the specified project activities, budget and timeline.