About us

Envirodual Ltd is one of the leading companies in the area of sustainability. Its areas of activity range from energy management, environmental protection, sustainable mobility, to climate change mitigation measures, air quality and strategic planning.   

The company has many years of national and international experience in the preparation of sustainable strategies. It provides services in the field of local and regional energy management, preparation of strategic development programmes and measures (climate change, efficient use of energy, sustainable mobility). 

Envirodual Ltd. manages projects for major infrastructural projects such as public building renovation within grant ELENA, installation of gas pipelines, solar cooling and alternative heating systems. The company possess extensive knowledge and experience in the preparation and implementation of public private partnership (PPP) projects and feasibility studies in mobility and other areas.

The company’s is currently leading the innovation in the R&D project SMART CITY Energy platform and the digitization of energy and air quality data. The project’s objective is the reduction of local/regional greenhouse gas and fine particle emissions from individual biomass heating system and transport to improve the quality of living space. 

Envirodual also has many years of experience in identifying and recognizing environmental aspects and impacts at local and regional level. They are therefore in the development phase of SC-EP-air quality platform, which combines the implementation of mobile measurements of black carbon and the information system in the form of a smart application. The application provides a visual representation of the current state of air quality with regard to black carbon emissions, it identifies and suggests measures for the improvement of air quality.