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Environmental Services

Environmental Impact Assessment

Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEA) and Environmental Report

SEA is a process in which we identify and assess environmental impacts and the inclusion of environmental protection, nature conservation, protection of human health and cultural heritage requirements in a plan, programme or other general act.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

In the EIA process, we define, describe and evaluate the long-term, direct or indirect impacts of the planned intervention on humans, soil, water, air, biodiversity and natural features, climate and landscape, but also on human assets, cultural heritage and their interrelation.

Environmental Impact Evaluation

Environmental Impact Evaluation is a simplified version of the report on environmental impact but on smaller scale (e.g., facility).

Environmental Compliance Audits

Within Environmental Compliance Audits we identify the potential or existing environmental burdens of a location in accordance with the requirements. We review the legal compliance status of the site/company in an operational context.

We also conduct Environmental Compliance Audits for planned projects or investors, with the aim of obtaining information on relevant legal requirements in order to commence activities. For investors, we also define other potential locations appropriate for their activities, as well as undertaking economic assessment

Environmental Commissioner

The Environmental Commissioner is responsible for monitoring and reporting on compliance with environmental legislation, and provides opinions and proposals on measures to reduce or prevent pollution: the introduction of less environmentally harmful processes, technologies and products; informing employees about the harmful effects of activities on the environment and suggesting measures to prevent or reduce pollution; cooperation with the persons in charge of health and safety at work, as well as fire and chemical safety; participation in the preparation of plans.

Monitoring of Environmental Legislation for Business Entities

We prepare reports on legislative changes on a monthly basis, with an emphasis on the elements of the environment, chemicals, waste, and product labelling. The report also includes evaluation of the impact of legislative changes on the functioning of business processes.

Environmental Programmes and Plans

Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP)

The Local Environmental Action Plan is a joint strategic document of a municipality. It serves as the basis for all strategic, political, development, investment and spatial activities of the municipality.

The key feature of the Local Environmental Action Plan is that it results from the environmental situation in the local community: priority issues of concern, goals and measures, and projects necessary to achieve the goals and solve environmental problems.

LCA – life cycle assessment of product, process or service

Life cycle assessment (LCA) offers possibilities to define a sustainability performance of product, process or service and improve or optimize it in a way, with less environmental impacts.

LCA forms a basis for eco-labelling, procurement processes, etc. It is an effective technique to assess a total cradle-to-cradle or cradle-to-grave environmental burdens. LCA looks at every aspect of your product’s, process’s or service’s lifecycle, including raw materials extraction and use, energy supply by type, water, manufacturing, transportation, use, reuse, recycling and waste treatment. This kind of analysis may be extremely complex and can involve many of individual unit processes in a supply chain as well as hundreds of tracked substances. LCA also assesses all environmental impacts, e.g. greenhouse gas emissions, toxicological risk, ozone layer depletion, etc. The LCA methodology is following the ISO 14040/44.

LCC analysis - Product, process, service life cycle cost analysis

LCC presents a life cycle approach (i.e. cradle-to-grave), but it tracks down monetary costs involved with product, process or services.

In line with the above mentioned analyses (LCA and LCC), it is possible to obtain an environmental fact sheet of a product, according to various guidelines, including: environmental product declaration, climate declaration, product environmental footprint, carbon footprint, etc.

Ecological Footprint

The Ecological Footprint measures the surface area required for the production of the biological resources that are consumed in the investigated area (municipality, region, country), and calculates how much area is needed to absorb the waste generated in the region over time. The Ecological Footprint compares the investigated area with the surface capacity (bio-capacity). It is expressed in terms of global hectares, based on average global productivity. In this way, the results can be translated into units such as the number of planets needed to maintain and ensure the lifestyle of a particular area.

Waste Management Plan

The Waste Management Plan plays a key role in the establishment of sustainable waste management. It provides access to comprehensive data on types and quantities of waste, determines measures for handling and reducing certain categories of waste, gives an overview of waste disposal efficiency, and assesses the need for improvements and new investments. The objective of the Waste Management Plan is to reduce the generation of waste and to minimise its harmful effects. Establishing effective waste management at the local level contributes to the sustainable management of waste at the national and EU level.

Environmental Permits

Integral Environmental Permit

We provide consulting on the preparation of applications for an environmental permit for the operation of a plant that may cause large-scale pollution (IPPC).

This includes technical assistance in the process of obtaining environmental permits for facilities and equipment. We assist in drafting applications for obtaining an environmental permit for each installation. The service includes assistance in the preparation of individual elements of applications as well as performing a final verification of applications before their submission to the responsible authority.

Other Environmental Permits

We provide consulting on the preparation of an application for other environmental permits for plants that cause air, water or noise emissions, as well as for waste treatment plants.