It is not enough to have great qualities; we should also have the management of them.

Implementation of ISO Standards and EHS Audit

Implementation of ISO 9001

The standard specifies requirements for a quality management system whereby an organisation needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide a product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements. It aims to enhance customer satisfaction thorough the effective application of the system, including processes for the continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable regulatory requirements (SIST EN ISO 9001).

Implementation of ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management systems that includes the management of the environmental aspects of production or service activities. The ISO 14001 standard is one of the most important tools used by organisations around the world to respond to the challenges posed by their activities with respect to the environment. The aim of the standard is to preserve the environment and suitable living conditions for future generations. The focus is on legal compliance, resource efficiency and the prevention of environmental pollution. The standard defines the organisation’s commitment to continual improvement in environmental protection. It also represents a standard for the organisation of higher reputation, deployment of best practices, compliance with operating standards and legislation, and corporate social responsibility.

Implementation of ISO 50001

The objective of ISO 5001 is to establish within organisations the systems and processes necessary to improve energy efficiency. Systematic energy management should lead to a reduction in energy costs and in greenhouse gas emissions.

The standard specifies requirements and enables organisations to develop and implement policy and objectives that take into account legal requirements and information about significant energy aspects.

EHS Audit (Environmental health and safety audit)

Due to increased stakeholder interest in a company´s environmental health and safety (EHS) performance record the EHS is appropriate tool to gain needed information. We conduct EHS audit to determine regulatory compliance as well as to provide information on the effectiveness of management systems, opportunities for cost reduction, and continuous improvement accomplishments.