Investing in knowledge and mutual gains is a key to successful long-term collaboration and business creation.

Negotiation, Communication and Education

Negotiation and communication

Successful communication with your partners and other stakeholders lies at the heart of any successful business. We offer the analysis and consultancy that will improve your business relations and the long-term success of your business. When dealing with personal and business relations, it is vital that an independent observer helps the actors to define and characterise one another and assists in finding durable solutions.

Preliminary Stakeholder Analysis and Negotiation Strategies

Within Preliminary Stakeholder Analysis we help you to define and evaluate your main partners, other actors and stakeholders related to your work. Based on their positioning and characterisation, we propose successful negotiation and communication approaches that will improve your communication and collaboration.

In-Depth Stakeholder Analysis and Negotiation Strategies

An In-Depth Stakeholder Analysis is a second step that enables us to analyse the business relations in detail. It gives a more precise definition of problems and therefore offers precise solutions for the improvement of your communication and negotiation strategies with your partners and other stakeholders involved in your actions. The analysis provides valuable information for anyone who is aware that successful long-term collaboration brings long-term positive results for strategic planning.

Execution of Educational Workshops

Education includes a comprehensive environmental protection, sustainable development and the transition to a low-carbon society. Within Education, we provide the preparation and execution of educational workshops in the field of energy management, environmental protection, waste management, consumerism, biodiversity. Depending on your needs, we provide indoor and outdoor educational activities for children, pupils, students and grownups. Each educational programme is individually designed for your particular needs and timeframe.