Experience gives us the ability to create a better society, and lack of experience leads us to coincidence.

Strategic Planning

Preparation of Development Strategies, Operational Programmes and Action Plans

Preparation of Development Strategies and Operational Programmes is not based only on political decisions but is part of a comprehensive and multidisciplinary analysis of the situation and the socioeconomic needs and opportunities of the society. The state or the regional/local community makes strategic decisions about its development on the basis of the precise optimisation of desire and ability (potentials and problems), and defines the direction of the return of public money to social and economic trends. In this comprehensive process, we assist our clients (government institutions, regional and local governments, development agencies, etc.) with:

  • Developing strategies for local development;

  • The organisation and coordination of project groups and the drafting of an expert basis for regional and national development strategies;

  • Training partners in drafting policy documents and introducing them to the principles of strategic management;

  • Activities related to broader public involvement in the strategic planning process (through surveys, meetings, workshops, etc.).

Grant Scheme Production Assistance

The preparation of grant schemes includes State Aid regime investigation and notification of the European Commission. We provide comprehensive knowledge on EU State Aid legislation and regulations, which enables the compliance of proposed grant schemes with the State Aid regime.

Programme and Project Evaluation

The evaluation of publicly funded programmes and projects aims to determine the social costs and benefits of the initiative, in order to justify such public initiatives and to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

We distinguish three basic types of evaluation, according to the phase in which the evaluation is undertaken:

  • Prospective ex-ante evaluation;

  • Interim evaluation (the implementation phase);

  • Retrospective ex-post evaluation.