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ENVIRODUAL is required to protect the security of your personal information. Especially when it comes to transparency and protection of your rights, ENVIRODUAL will not disclose the information to third parties which could enable your identification.

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You acknowledge and agree that your data and information provided by you intended database envirodual.com. Data and information provided will be stored in the database envirodual.com and will be considered confidential.

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Accessing and browsing this internet site implies that you accept the general conditions that are above all other arrangements agreed with envirodual.com. This site was developed for the sole purpose of informing about ENVIRODUAL's services.

All information available on the web pages are therefore for information only. Any data or parts of any information available on this site should not be used for commercial purposes or distributed to third parties without the prior written permission envirodual.com. Information about specific products and services from this web site is subject to certain restrictions related entities to which such information may be available.